Legal & Compliance Director

Challenge: To provide in the short period of time a short-list of experienced local candidates.
Time frame
Our solution
2 months (December 2018 – February 2019)
International oil & gas company
Executive Search (local)
Short-list of 6 relevant candidates from Kazakhstan was presented in 3 weeks

Other projects

Chief Executive Officer for a Technopark

Challenge: To prepare a short-list of expatriate senior executives with significant experience in the development of IT Ecosystems in 3-4 weeks with aim to present them to Vice Prime-Minister and Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan

General Managers of Expansion projects in Finland and Africa

Challenge in Finland: a short-list of candidates in 3 weeks with aim to arrange interviews with senior management
Challenge in Cote d'Ivoire: To successfully close position in 2 weeks until the official start of the business in country

Data Science Team Lead

Challenge: To present candidates (only citizens of Kazakhstan who live and work abroad) with relevant experience at Data Science

Several IT positions for E-commerce division

Challenge: Urgent need in recruitment of IT positions for E-commerce project.
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